The breakdown of a marriage is a painful experience for the couple, but it gets worse if there are children involved. Whichever way your marriage goes, it’s important to safeguard and prioritize the child’s well-being and interests.

Mr. Eric M Nakasu and his  child custody attorney Tustin  are highly experienced in child support and custody cases in California and are on-point to help you with anything and every step of the way.

What Can We Do For You?

Whenever there’s a divorce between a couple, it’s of prime importance that the emotional and financial needs of the child are taken care of in the short and long term. This can be achieved by either arriving at a common agreement or deciding the matter in the courtroom. And while it’s highly advised for the parents to come to a mutual decision together, it isn’t the case many times, with the decision being rested on the judge’s discretion.

● Focus on your Child’s Well-Being
All our attorneys are focused solely on getting the best arrangement for the children in a custody dispute.

● Child Support
We ensure that your child’s future is fully secure, with all educational, healthcare, and other expenses well covered.

● Expert Negotiators
Our legal attorneys aren’t just experts in the courtroom. We can also help you get the best possible arrangement for an amicable settlement outside the courtroom.

● Legal Representation
If negotiations fail to yield a positive result, Eric will represent your interests before a family court judge.

Hire the Best Child Custody Attorneys in Tustin

Engage Eric for your child custody and support dispute in Tustin and nearby areas. We’re specialists in California family law and have considerable experience behind us to effectively serve your best interests in court.

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