Grand Millennial style and modern furniture
Grand millennial style may be one of the reasons velvet is making such a comeback. This new popular trend is a bold one, mixing woods and modern furniture, minimalist style with retro, nostalgic styles you’d see in your grandmother’s house. Imagine your grandmother’s tufted velvet bench or armchair mixed with sleek white cabinets and a minimalist style visit: furniture for small living room.

Velvet is a must.

Velvet is as good to look at as it is to touch. Adding some modern furniture with velvet to your home decor is essential to create a complete look with elegance and luxury. You can choose to incorporate velvet into your home decor by adding velvet curtains, accent pieces like modern ottomans, or modern furniture like the many armchairs, dining chairs and sofas from furniture for sale in Canada.

Customize your velvet

At Cosmic Homes Canada we believe that your style, whether in your home, office, waiting room, restaurant or bar, should be a reflection of you and your style. That’s why all our modern furniture is custom-made. Choose your favorite fabric and color and customize your modern furniture, just visit furniture and mattress outlet. Consider adding rich retro colors like oranges, browns, honey yellows, or rich greens, purples, or blues to your decor to bring it all back in grand millennial style. Choose colorful velvet for your modern furniture this season.

We work with designers, architects and developers across many disciplines, our in-house manufacturing and design solutions are perfect for projects of all sizes. Learn more about contracting Cosmic Homes Canada for your next project or find our list of where to buy modern furniture here. You can contact us anytime for more information.

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