Everyone anticipates the baby shower when someone close to them becomes pregnant. Friends and family get together to celebrate a new arrival on this happy day. It’s normal to want to present a baby shower card that expresses your relationship and your congratulations, but coming up with writing ideas for baby shower card can be challenging. Though originality is preferable, there are instances when preexisting phrases work best. We have some pertinent quotations that may be the ideal pick. 

So should you use humor, passion, or keep it simple? Keep reading! 

Simple baby shower messages

No matter the theme or the baby’s gender, simple baby shower wishes are always the best. It’s a wonderful method to convey your concern in only a few words. Without filling up the entire card, it might nevertheless affect the parents-to-be.

  • We send our warmest wishes to you and the soon-to-arrive baby. 
  • I’m wishing you luck with the birth of your child. 
  • I hope your pregnancy’s final stage is happy and healthy. It gets better from here. 
  • We send our best wishes for a safe pregnancy and quick delivery to those set to become parents. 
  • We appreciate you engaging us in this happy occasion and allowing us to experience your new baby’s enthusiasm with you. We wish you the very best as you embark on this new phase of your life. 
  • I hope your forthcoming years as a parent are special and unforgettable. 
  • Before your eagerly anticipated bundle comes, we wish you both health and rest. 
  • I’m wishing you both calm days filled with kisses and embraces. We are eager to meet the infant.
  • Greetings and best wishes for your expanding family! We appreciate you taking us along on your adventure. 
  • We send our best wishes for a healthy baby and a safe birth as you prepare for a big journey. 
  • I wish you both health and safety on the day of birth, as well as throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

Baby shower wishes for girls 

  • May the adorable bundle you’re carrying become as spunky as her mother as she grows up. 
  • To Dad: Having a girl means spoiling her with shoes and handbags as well as a treasure who will make her feel special. 
  • Here’s to your new arrival: girls are composed of sugar, spice, and everything lovely. 
  • Here’s to the plush animals that are everywhere, complete with booties, bonnets, pink ribbons, and lace. 
  • We’re overjoyed! Greetings on the birth of your daughter. 
  • Your daughter will resemble you in terms of intelligence, beauty, and happiness. 
  • I can’t wait to buy toys for your princess. She is extremely adored. Everything wonderful, including sugar and spice. She is more than meets the eye. She gets back up after falling while sipping tea and playing ball.

Baby shower wishes for boys 

  • Mom: The prince who will make you fall in love with him has come at last. 
  • Oh, boy! We’re eager to see him; did this take a lengthy. 
  • Prepare to see Cars several times. 
  • Salutations to all the plaything automobiles, balls, and bats that Dad can now use once again! Congratulations on the birth of your son. 
  • Thank you for joining us in this happy day; a gorgeous child is on the way. 
  • We’re hoping you’ll have your father’s good looks. Love you a lot, little man. 
  • The prince will soon be lavished with affection and attention; you have no clue how. We eagerly anticipate the big day. 
  • Here comes a brand-new baby boy to bring joy to all of our lives and hearts.

Baby shower wishes for twins 

  • Always prefer two to one. Best wishes for a successful delivery. 
  • Twins bring about additional hugs, kisses, and love as well as more work and less sleep. 
  • Two infants are the only thing in the world that are more exceptional than a baby on the way. Congratulations! 
  • These twins will be the luckiest newborns ever, which is another cause to rejoice. 
  • Salutations—twins are present! We are eager to meet them since life has just become even more lovely. 
  • “One will smile while the other cries. One of them will be moist and the other dry. One will scream, and the other will slumber. But these are the ones you’ll want to treasure the most, Twins! Not known.
  • All your dreams will come true with the birth of two new babies just for you. Congratulations. 
  • Twins! Double the excitement, joy, diapers, and noise are about to hit you.

A baby shower card is a wonderful way to express your love and support when you offer a baby shower gift to the expectant mother or parents. Even better, the expectant mother may decide to save the card as a souvenir or include it in her pregnancy memory book. I hope this collection of ideas has helped you craft the ideal baby shower card.

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