Due to the high expense of maintaining refrigerated space, not to mention the much greater cost of developing wholly new space, cold storage and deep freezer space in the United States is exceedingly uncommon. The most cost-effective option is to rethink the shelving you use in your refrigerated storage and find new ways to use that expensive square footage. Whether you’re in the business of cold chain vaccine management, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, or even climate-controlled medicine storage, building or renting new refrigerated storage isn’t your only option for accommodating growth.

NetTrax is an in-house records management software that ensures your company’s policies, procedures, compliance, and laws adhere to industry best practises. In many organisations, information governance (IG) rules are one of the most disregarded legislation. Without a genuine IG and document management system in place, your company’s compliance expenses might increase, resulting in millions in litigation bills and government fines. The good news is that NetTrax handles everything automatically, saving you the time it would take to research and adhere to every requirement on a national and worldwide basis. Not only that, but you’ll be able to instantly search and locate all of your scanned papers in NetTrax. Our cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition document scanning technology, as well as

Modula’s automated storage saves time and floor space.

Modula manufactures automated storage systems in the United States and is an authorised distributor for Bradford Systems. Modula uses the most modern Vertical Lift Module (VLM) and vertical lift technology in the business. Their unique solutions include Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), which are designed to optimise warehouse space and operations.



The Modula LIFT VLM utilises the whole height of your area, allowing you to store anything from floor to ceiling. Modula SLIM technology is suitable for compact places, allowing you to conserve valuable floor space while yet having easy access to your stored belongings.


As a Modula partner, we collaborate with their team and you to develop ASRS and industrial vertical storage solutions for your warehouse.

Better Office Supply Storage Increases Convenience and Maximises Space

Corporate supply storage is an ever-changing cycle. It’s difficult to keep up with fresh trends for the correct sort of workplace design. However, there are two supply storage characteristics that never go out of style: compactness and organisation. You will be able to generate significantly more room in your office by compacting and organising your supply storage, giving you a competitive advantage when new trends come your way.


Services for Document Scanning and Imaging

Converting your assets into digital forms is the first step towards a paperless office. Document scanning services will convert your files into searchable, easily accessible digital forms that may be stored in a centralised computer database. By digitising physical documents, your entire organisation will be able to decrease paper waste, boost workflow productivity, and remain compliant with industry-specific digital and regulatory standards.

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