Thermal papers are widely recognized as the leading printing medium today for labels and receipts. At Master Distributors, we stock a wide range of high-quality thermal papers from leading manufacturers across Canada and the world. Our high-quality thermal papers are compatible with leading thermal printers, ATMs, cash registers, kiosks, and EFTPOS terminals. From high-quality thermal papers to POS hardware and accessories, find everything your point-of-sale business needs at Master Distributors.

Benefits of Thermal Paper

Master Distributors has been the leading wholesaler and distributor of high-quality thermal papers in Canada and the US. Our thermal papers have largely simplified label and receipt printing of various businesses with the following benefits:

·        Consistent paper quality with long shelf-life

·        Improved operational efficiency

·        High-definition logo, receipt, and label printing

·        Various specifications available

Shop for the Best Brands

Explore our vast range of thermal papers and thermal printers that can maximize your business efficiency for greater customer experience and satisfaction. We have thermal papers and printers from manufacturers like Citizen, Star Micronics, Epson, Zebra, and more.

We also have label printers, inkjet printers, touch monitors, barcode scanners, and store signage supplies of the highest accreditations. Give us a call to find the best products for your business. Get lucrative cashback offers, custom gift cards, and much more at Master Distributors.

 Give us a call at 1-888-905-7008, or send your query to with details for bulk orders.

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