When individuals are at work, preoccupied with other things, or asleep at night, burglaries and home invasions are more likely to occur. In spite of being confronted, burglars continue to commit acts of violence, hurting innocent bystanders who must bear the costs of their robberies.

However, you may increase the difficulty of an assault on you, making robbers more likely to move on to easier prey. Interested in learning more about the process?

Adequate Lighting – Break-ins are less likely to happen in well-lit areas. Having a well-illuminated house not only makes it challenging for burglars to conceal themselves but also indicates that the occupants are around. Often, when individuals leave their homes, they switch off all the lights, unintentionally inviting intruders into their residences. Forget the increased energy bills, always ensure your property is illuminated.
Security Locks Installation – Locking your doors is an essential part of keeping your home safe. When there are a number of knobs and handles to manipulate, breaking in becomes much more difficult. The installation of a high-quality lock, such as a 3-lever mortise lock, may significantly increase your home’s safety. Magnetic locks are an alternative that can be considered. Magnetic locks are extremely secure since they are resistant to force and may lock from both sides. The only time a burglary could occur with magnetic locks is if there was a power outage.
Also think about using a smart lock. That way, you may secure your home from anywhere using your mobile smartphone to lock each and every door. If you need assistance setting up your security locks, call a locksmith.

Strengthen Security – Make sure your garden gate is built to last and is the same height as your walls or fences. Metal gates are more difficult to scale than its solid wood counterparts, and their exposed design makes it easy for would-be attackers to spot their target. Ensure the hinges, bolt, and padlock on the garden side are securely fastened. It’s a good idea to use a double lock on the gate if you can. You may either choose a fence or wall that has a trellis built into it, or you can connect trellis panels to the top of the structure. These panels will be strong enough to hold climbing plants but not easy enough for attackers to scale.

Protect Your Extra Keys and Passcodes – While it’s smart to keep an extra set of keys on hand, you shouldn’t hide them in plain sight. This includes places like doormats, flower pots, bushes, and even imitation rocks. Intruders with expertise will know to check these areas first because they are common knowledge for concealing keys. Instead, give spare keys to trustworthy people like neighbours, relatives, or friends. In addition, if you have a smart home, you should never tell anyone your passcode. If you really must share your code with someone, limit the number of people who know it to only two you can trust with your home’s safety.

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