Writing a book proves your expertise in your field. Authors are instantly seen as experts and thought leaders. It’s why so many business people and professionals become authors. A book publicity campaign increases your visibility and is an excellent (and highly effective) business promotion opportunity. It works no matter what field you’re in and has long-lasting value. You also build media relationships that are yours to keep. You can become a sought-after spokesperson for news stores and guests on interview shows. It all adds to significant opportunities to advance your career and business.

Veteran book publicists often bring up the credibility factor. It’s one thing when you say something, but suddenly, you’re taken more seriously when you have a book to back it up. Nearly every successful consultant today has written a book, and it’s no accident. They have long recognized the need to stake out a unique spot in their industry. The book gets your name and ideas into circulation, and when you promote the book, you promote yourself. The other good news is that nonfiction books written by business people and professionals do well in the media. People are interested in helpful advice.

It’s common for traditional publishers to see the value in a business person’s book, but you can also self-publish. Independently published books continue to gain acceptance and find success. There’s nothing wrong with going the conventional route, but self-publishing gives you complete control. That said, you want to ensure your book meets the highest standards because readers and the media will compare it to others. Professional editors and cover designers can help bring you to the highest quality standards. Many work for traditional and independent publishers, so they understand the marketplace thoroughly.

Print-on-demand self-publishing is the most direct route to a finished book you can sell online. But if you want copies you can hand out or sell through your business or on a website, consider other publishing options. Thanks to digital printing, short press runs have become more economically feasible. You can investigate traditional offset book printing if you’re sure you’ll sell or give away 2,000 copies or more. It’s the most economical way to publish your work if you have the use for a more extensive press run. But the bottom line is to benefit from the business promotion value of a book marketing campaign.

Your credibility—especially for those in the consulting and service industries—is crucial to marketing a business. Being a published author establishes a person as someone who has reached a certain level of expertise. Readers become potential clients as they learn more about the author’s philosophies, thought processes, results, and more. Industry peers recognize the author as a leading voice in their field.

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