What is Municipal Law? – Guide to Hiring a Municipal Law Lawyer

What is Municipal Law? – Guide to Hiring a Municipal Law Lawyer

Introduction to Municipal Law

Municipal law refers to the law specific to a particular city or county (legally known as a “municipality”) and the government agencies within those cities or counties.

Municipalities get their authority from the supreme power in the state, operated by various government agencies of elected and appointed officials who handle the municipality’s affairs through the law, policies, and regulations.

Attorneys who practice municipal law assist in ensuring the daily operations of the municipality comply with local, state, and federal laws. The municipal law practice deals with various issues like employment, labor issues, real estate, zoning, land use matters, economic development, taxes, and access to public meetings and public information.

Municipal attorneys can act as private legal counsel and provide services to individuals, corporations, and other entities in their encounters with government entities.

Important Terms to Know

Bylaws: The set of rules by which a municipality operates its business. They tend to govern activities such as meetings, voting, and budgeting.

Land use: Also known as zoning. Land use laws govern the purposes for which a piece of land may be used.

Municipal charter: The municipality’s founding document.

Municipal corporation: It’s the legal structure assigned to a municipality that enables it to buy or sell properties and sue or be sued.

Police power: The legal term for the ability to use police to manage the behavior of a municipality’s residents.

Ordinance: The technical term for the “law” issued by a municipality.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Municipal Law Lawyer

  • Case assessment

Several factors can influence your situation and determine whether or not you receive compensation. If you are not confident whether you have the legal grounds to file for a claim, do consult a municipal law attorney.

  • Save time and money

Many cases tend to go on for months, if not years. If you do not have a representative, it essentially means you will have to stay on top of every moment. This refers to attending every hearing, filling forms, and so on. All of this takes a lot of time.

  • Years of experience

Many cases tend to be lengthy and complex, and unless you are a lawyer yourself, you may not understand everything that is going on. When an expert assists you, you can be assured that they will entirely be dedicated to your case, and you won’t have to worry about a single thing. An attorney who is experienced in this line of business will know about the ins and outs of the process, so they will inform you about the documents you need to gather and more.

  • Guide to hiring the right Municipal Law Lawyer

Working with the right attorney when you need to resolve any municipal dispute will help enforce your rights or even avoid prison time. While lawyers can be expensive, not having legal counsel when you need it the most can be way more costly.

Checklist to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Municipal Law Lawyer

  • Comfort level: Does the lawyer seem genuinely interested in solving your problem? Are you comfortable sharing personal information with them?
  • Credentials: Since how long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked previously on similar cases like yours?
  • Cost: What is the structure of the lawyer’s fees- hourly or a flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
  • City: Is the lawyer’s office near the place where you reside?

Over the years, Sherr Law Group has represented hundreds of various municipal clients including, but not limited to:

  • Zoning boards
  • Townships
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Elected officials

In addition, Tony Sherr has served as a special counsel in handling litigations related to zoning, planning commissions, human resources disputes, and a lot more.

Why Should You Rely on Sherr Law Group’s Team of Municipal Law Lawyers?

Sherr Law Group and its Municipal Law Lawyers have the focus and experience required to assist you regardless of the legal issue your municipality faces.

We have resolved state tort cases involving road design, premises liability, and general tort claims and also serve as solicitors to municipalities, zoning boards, and the authorities. Our Municipal Law Lawyers have achieved hundreds of successful jury verdicts and judgments, across various cases, over the years of our practice.

Our dedication and devotion to achieve justice for our clients have garnered us favorable precedents in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, including victories for municipalities under the Sunshine Act and most of the essential precedential opinions under the ACRE Act.

Clients opt for us because our attorneys are updated with the latest laws and when the need arrives, we can always assist our clients with the experience and skills needed to handle complicated municipal issues.

If you want to know more about our processes and formalities, hire a Municipal Law Lawyer, and want more accurate details, connect with Sherr Law Group and get a free case evaluation.

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