Filing for divorce is a difficult decision, which should never be made in haste. Sometimes divorce is not a choice or becomes inevitable; however, it doesn’t get easier even when you are in control. If you have been thinking about divorce for a long time, perhaps it is time to start looking for a divorce attorney. If you tried saving your marriage, yet failed, divorce might be the right answer. However, it is understandable if you are struggling to make up your mind because it does have life-changing consequences.

Family Law Attorney in Sherman, TX, advises to ask yourself these seven questions before you file the petition:

1. Do I still care for my spouse?

Ending the marriage can be increasingly hard if you are still in love with your spouse. You may repeatedly recall all the good times and that is what stops you from moving forwards. Thinking about a life without your beloved can be daunting, even if they do not seem to care about you as much. Many couples grow apart with age and burden of responsibilities. You should try to eliminate the distance and frankly ask your spouse if they are willing to work with you.

2. Is there room for doubt or regrets?

If the urge to file for divorce is related to a recent incident of conflict, it is recommended to give it some time. Your emotions could be running high after a fight and you might not be thinking rationally. Allow yourself to cool down and think again if this is what you really want. If you feel betrayed or offended by your spouse, saving the marriage can still be an option. Many couples try therapy/counseling and forgive each other’s mistakes, which brings them closer than ever, and strengthens their bond.

3. Am I financially prepared for this?

Many people experience money problems after a divorce, especially if they were completely or partially dependent on their spouse’s income. Several individual bankruptcies are filed during divorce proceedings or afterwards. It is common to underestimate one’s individual expenses and assume that living independently is going to be easy. You may be entitled to half of the marital property and qualify for alimony, though receiving shares and payments takes time. You should be able to support yourself until everything sorts out and kicks in. Would you be able to afford a place of your own and pay all the bills by yourself? If not, then you should think it over and start planning for the single life.

4. How will the children be affected?

Children, particularly minors, are deeply affected by the divorce. Children need both parents in their lives, which is why many couples are willing to compromise. On the other hand, if you and your spouse fight all the time, then you are not providing a nourishing environment to the child. If you two can fulfill your parenting responsibilities whilst living separately, it is probably in the best interests of the child.

5. What are your biggest concerns with this decision?

If the only thing keeping you from filing the divorce is a social stigma or opinions of other people, it is time that you start thinking about yourself. Divorce is a common thing nowadays, and you should prioritize your needs and wellbeing above everything else. If you think that your spouse will create problems for you, discuss this with your attorney.

6. How does my spouse feel about this?

If your spouse is against the divorce, you can still successfully get out of this marriage. Nobody, including law enforcement, can force you to sustain this marriage. Nonetheless, you cannot go behind your partner’s back and get divorced without their knowledge. If they are not willing to cooperate, you can discuss alternatives with your attorney. If your spouse wants to save the relationship, you may hear them out. However, do not change your mind if your partner has abused you in any way; domestic violence and toxic relationships are not to be tolerated. Law enforcement will grant you the protection you need.

7. Will my life improve afterwards?

If the marriage has deprived you of a life of choice and happiness, going through with this divorce is the best thing that could happen to you. If your partner is supportive and ending the marriage is not in your favor, you must rethink this decision. The key is to understand your motivation for the divorce and realize what you want in life.

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