Being the subject of an audit isn’t at all a pleasant experience. It’s a strenuous and complicated process. Tax law in itself is a confusing area of law with the sheer number of laws and regulations available on the matter. When you’re subject to an audit, you can improve your chances of coming out unscathed through audit defense. The meaning of audit defense is to defend your right during the audit process. Audit defense is usually performed by a tax audit specialist on tax laws – a tax lawyer in other words. There are plenty of audit defense lawyers out there. Here’s how to choose the best one for you.

Someone Who Understands

In most cases, a sympathetic ear and an understanding mind is the most important thing. This is especially true of audits. Audit defense involves a very personal part of your life – money. Money woes are normal for everyone, and it’s understandable that you’d want someone who will listen to your woes about your audit defense. A good audit defense lawyer should be able to listen effectively to your concerns and address them. A good rule of thumb is this – if you come out of the meeting feeling more relaxed, then that’s a good sign.

Experience In Audit Defense

That being said, a sympathetic ear and an understanding mind can only go so far. Experience should also weigh heavily when you’re trying to weigh your options for audit defense lawyers. Experienced lawyers will know the in-and-out of the system, and they may be able to advice you of an option that you might not even know about. For example, not many people may know about the tax act customer service. When you’re subject to an audit, it may feel like you’re an outsider stepping into a new and different world. An experienced lawyer will serve as your guide in navigating the complicated world of audit defense.


When looking for a lawyer, you should find someone who is located near you. Locality can be a huge plus when it comes to dealing with lawyers. For example, if you live in Sacramento California, you’d ideally want a local Sacramento California lawyer as well. In fact, this should be high up among your qualifications for a good audit defense lawyer. Locality brings a boost to your audit defense. You can be assured that they’re always close by and available in case you need them. Plus they already know the local landscape, so that’s another boost for you.

When looking for an audit defense lawyer, you should look for these three qualifications. These will ensure that you find someone who’s a good fit for you and that you’re in safe hands.


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