May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle crashes that involve another vehicle account for almost half of motorcyclist deaths in the United States. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney today.

Motorcyclists naturally face more risks on the road since they are not protected by the safety features found in automobiles. Statistically, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that motorcyclists are 29 times more at risk of dying in a collision than other motorists. May is Motorcycle Safety Month, and it’s the best time to remind motorists of motorcycle driving behaviors so that they can drive safely around motorcyclists.

Cooperation from other motorists and safe motorcycle riding practices will aid in reducing the number of severe injuries and deaths on roadways everywhere. It is especially vital for motorists to really understand all the safety challenges that motorcyclists face, including visibility and size, and riding practices, such as weaving and downshifting, to know how to respond to them safely. Raising awareness will also improve safety for motorcyclists and other drivers sharing the road.

Risks that Motorcyclists Face

Here are some crucial facts to remember this Motorcycle Safety Month according to the NHTSA:

  • Research funded by the NHTSA found that automobile drivers are prone to distractions almost half the time they’re driving.
  • In 2019, for every mile traveled by a vehicle, riders were approximately 29 times more likely to die in crashes than other road users. They’re also four times more likely to sustain severe injuries.
  • Improper use of side and rearview mirrors is a major contributing factor to crashes with smaller motor vehicles such as motorcycles. With up to 40% of the outer perimeter areas concealed by blind spots, lack of attention to the side mirror or inaccurate adjustments could have fatal consequences for riders.
  • When you are driving your motorcycle, you have no physical barrier – other than your helmet – to protect you from the immense impact of a crash.
  • When you have a much smaller vehicle, it is far easier for you to get lost in other motorists’ blind spots.
  • It can be more difficult for other motorists to see you and to gauge your speed in intersections, which leaves you more at risk in intersections or when cars make turns.
  • When you are driving your motorcycle, you are more susceptible to being adversely affected by bad weather and poorly maintained roadways.

There are plenty of factors that leave you at increased risk of being seriously injured on your motorcycle, but every driver is responsible for driving safely in relation to other motorists on the road, including motorcyclists like you.

Safety Tips for Riders

  • Always wear protective gear, most importantly a DOT-compliant helmet when riding. Add reflective tape to your gear whenever necessary for increased visibility. According to the NHTSA, proper helmets saved 1,872 lives in 2017.
  • Never ride while distracted or impaired. Always remember the risks of injuring or killing yourself or other road users. Also, a DUI conviction carries hefty fines, jail time, higher auto insurance premiums, and loss of your license to ride.
  • Ride responsibly. Experienced and responsible riders know and obey traffic laws. But you should also remember to always ride defensively. Most multi-vehicle collisions involving a motorcycle are caused when the other drivers did not notice the motorcyclist. With this in mind, always ride through intersections cautiously and yield to vehicles and pedestrians as appropriate. You can also consider increasing your visibility on the road by placing reflective materials on your motorcycle and ensuring that your headlights are always turned on.

Seek Legal Advice from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

No matter how careful you are every time you go out on the road, there’s always the risk of getting into an accident through no fault of your own. When this happens, you may be able to seek financial compensation for your motorcycle accident. To start your claim, consult an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

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