The Legal Implications Of Medical Malpractice

The Legal Implications Of Medical Malpractice

Healthcare professionals are committed to working for the betterment of citizens’ health. They work to increase the quality of life and provide the best health remedies.

The relationship between doctors and patients is based on trust. However, cases of negligence can be seen.

For these cases, it is important to understand the legal implications. There are laws to help you with the cases of medical malpractice.

In this blog, we will provide an overview of medical malpractice. Read to learn in detail how you can take action against negligence.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

In layman’s terms, medical malpractice happens when a healthcare professional fails to provide the required level of treatment which puts the health of the patient at risk.

There are many ways of negligence like drug or surgical errors. There could be acts of omission too.

One example is the wrong diagnosis of the treatment which can lead to wrong treatment.

Elements Of Medical Malpractice

Duty of Care: The healthcare practitioner owes the patient a duty of care. It falls on them to administer competent medical care. The healthcare professional is required to carry on the treatment following the legal requirements.

Breach of Duty: The medical staff can breach the duty of care. It can happen by carelessness, incompetence, or deliberate wrongdoing. They might also not follow the standard set of practices.

Causation: It refers to the harm caused by the breach of duty. When the healthcare doesn’t follow the required standard of practice, it could lead to health damage. It also acts as a proof for negligence.

Damages: The patient suffers actual harm from the wrong treatment. It could be financial, emotional, or physical.

Common Type Of Medical Negligence

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis: When a medical disease is not correctly identified it could lead to serious issues. The patient’s condition worsens in case the wrong treatment is carried out. To prevent this the diagnosis should happen on time and be accurate.

Surgical errors: These refer to incorrect surgical techniques. Some of the examples are using the incorrect site for surgery, or leaving surgical tools inside the body of the patient. These errors can have fatal issues and put patients’ lives in danger.

Medication errors: It refers to the errors caused due to wrong medications. It includes giving the wrong prescription or the wrong dosage. It also includes forgetting to take into account possible drug interactions. These can lead to serious drug reactions or other issues.

Burden of Proof

The patient who has suffered the damage needs to prove it. They are required to gather the proof to prove medical negligence. They can hire an attorney or carry out their own research.

You must have evidence of a doctor-patient connection. You should be able to prove that the doctor shared the duty of care to the patient.

You should have proof of violation of the established standard of care. You should have medical records or testimony. Your documents should be able to show that the doctor has breached his duty of care.

The next step is gathering proof for casual connection. The patient needs to establish a link between the negligence and the injustices. You can depend on medical records and expert opinions for this. You can also rely on other documents to gather support.

You also need to gather proof of the damages caused. You should cover lost wages and medical costs. The patient should also cover for mental distress and physical pain and suffering.

Potential Damages

If you are able to gather all the proof and prove your case you will be eligible for many benefits

Economic damages: This is the monetary compensation for actual financial losses.  It covers missed income, medical costs, and rehabilitation expenditures.

Non-Economic Damages: It refers to the Payment for damages that cannot be measured. It covers mental anguish, pain and suffering. There might be a case for and consortium loss that is distressing to a marriage.

Punitive Damages: Some cases might involve grave misconduct. In these cases, punitive damages are provided to punish the defendant. It also makes sure that the professional does not follow any misconduct in the future.

Risk Management

You can follow a range of measures to prevent the malpractice:

Some of them are:

Putting Clinical Practice Guidelines into Practice: The professionals can follow standardised procedures and guidelines. These guarantee consistency and quality. These are specially designed for patient care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Improving Communication and Documentation: Professionals should place a strong emphasis on honest communication with patients. They should convey all information related to their care. They should be educated about treatment plans, and have informed consent discussions, and professional judgments.

Education and Training:  The professionals can opt for continuous education, and training to hone their skills. They can focus on professional development to stay current on best practices. They can also learn about new medical procedures and developing treatments.

Performing Peer Review and Quality Assurance: You can also depend on quality assurance procedures and peer review committees. They regularly evaluate patient outcomes and near-failures. These help to pinpoint problem areas and take adequate measures.

Acquiring Professional Liability Insurance: There might be false claims by the patients sometimes. To secure themselves professionals can get sufficient coverage for professional liability insurance. It helps guard against future lawsuits and provides financial compensation in case of legal action.

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