What are the detrimental effects of drugs in the workplace?

What are the detrimental effects of drugs in the workplace?

Drug use is a growing problem that affects not only employees but also companies. When employees use drugs, it can affect their productivity, safety, and health. The effects of drugs in the workplace can pose serious risks to employee safety and work product. Because of that, it is important to understand the detrimental effects of drugs in the workplace. In this blog post, we will explore how drug use in the workplace can negatively impact employee health, work performance, and job security. Can you be fired for using medical marijuana?

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How Do Employers and Employees Suffer?

In many workplaces, using drugs can be dangerous for employees because drug use impairs decision-making and physical abilities. Surprisingly, 10-20% of American employees who die on the job test positive for drugs or alcohol. According to a study conducted by OSHA, industries with the highest rates of drug use among employees, such as mining and construction, are also the most dangerous occupations.

Employers who hire drug users risk certain consequences. Not only do drug-using employees put themselves and others at risk of deadly accidents, but they also hurt the company’s finances and profitability.

Substance abusers may:

  • have poor work performance,
  • frequently call out of or arrive late to the workplace,
  • frequently changing workplaces,
  • open the workplace to criminal investigations,
  • engage in workplace violence, and
  • struggle with productivity.

Employers can mitigate these problems by implementing workplace drug use policies and by carefully enforcing those policies.

Poor Work Performance

Drug use in the workplace can lead to poor work performance. Employees who are under the influence of drugs are more likely to make mistakes, have poor judgment, and have difficulty focusing on tasks. They may also take on more risks and be more prone to accidents, which can lead to errors in task completion or delayed work. Poor work performance can also result in decreased productivity, missed deadlines, and loss of business. These effects can ultimately hurt the company’s bottom line.

Job Security

Employees who use drugs in the workplace are also at risk of losing their jobs. Illegal drug use is often a terminable offense. Employers have the right to terminate employees who use drugs in the workplace, and employees may also be subject to criminal charges. Losing a job due to drug use can have a significant impact on an employee’s life, especially for those who have families or other significant responsibilities. Higher turnover rates for employers is also costly.

Safety Risks

Drug use in the workplace can also pose serious safety risks. Employees who use drugs are more likely to have accidents on the job, which can result in injuries or death. This can put other employees and the company at risk as well. Drug use can also contribute to workplace violence and employee theft, which can compromise employee safety and jeopardize the company’s assets.

Reputation Damage

Drug use in the workplace can also lead to damage to the company’s reputation. Word of drug use can spread quickly, and it can negatively impact the company’s image and credibility. This can ultimately affect the company’s profitability and growth potential. Customers and clients may be hesitant to do business with a company that has a reputation for drug use in the workplace.

Overall, drug use in the workplace can have detrimental effects on both the employee and the company. Employees who use drugs are at risk of numerous health problems, poor work performance, and job insecurity. It also poses serious safety risks and may damage the company’s reputation and turnover rate. Employers must take steps to prevent drug use in the workplace, such as implementing drug testing policies and providing support for employees who may be struggling with addiction. By understanding the negative impact of drug use in the workplace, we can promote a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment for both employees and employers.

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