What Does Estate Planning Lawyer Do in Ohio?

What Does Estate Planning Lawyer Do in Ohio?

With the legal advice and guidance of a skilled estate planning attorney in Dublin, Ohio, your estate plan will be assured to fulfill your final wishes as you set them forth and ensure that your family will be protected from the challenges that often arise when someone passes on with no plan in place.

It can often be difficult to think about the future, especially as the world becomes increasingly fast paced around us. But what happens to your family and loved ones when you die or become incapacitated is not something that should be left until the last moment, chance, or default law. Seeking the assistance of a Dublin estate planning lawyer is a critical step in the process of creating an individual plan to meet your needs. Can A Biological Parent Regain Custody After Adoption

Though there is a great deal of detail required, your estate plan can be cost-friendly and needlessly uncomplicated. By working with an estate planning attorney in Dublin, Ohio, the overall process can be completed quickly and painlessly. Your plan will be flexible so you can easily update it as your financial and personal standings change over time.

Estate Attorney in Dublin, Ohio Assists with the Following Services

Divorce Estate Planning

Whether you are currently going through a divorce or have been divorced in the past, estate planning can be of extra importance. Certain rights are given to spouses due to Ohio estate planning laws and not of these rights are terminated upon divorce. If you are preparing for a divorce you will want to reconsider your estate plan or if you have been divorced you will also want to revisit your estate plan as soon as you are able to. For a case review, a Dublin estate planning lawyer is available from the Obenour Legal Group.

Asset Protection

Asset protection planning is a service that can be valuable for a variety of reasons. If you are in a profession that has a high risk for personal liability (like attorneys, business owners, and physicians), high net-worth individuals, and those with significant professional or personal holdings, you may want to greatly consider asset protection. Asset protection can be worked through with an estate attorney in Dublin, Ohio to help protect your assets from taxation and liability claims that can come in a variety of forms such as:

  • Personal liability for a business
  • Liability appearing from personal malfeasance
  • Claims of personal injury involving a car accident
  • Professional malpractice liability
  • Claims of personal injury suffered on personal or business property

A variety of tools are utilized in the process of asset protection plans such as insurance, trusts, legal exemptions, and retirement accounts.

Preparation of Your Last Will and Testament

Preparation of your last will and testament can certainly be a daunting task. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a trust. And a last will and testament will be a part of almost every estate plan. Wills can serve a myriad of different purposes, from naming an executor after your death to naming someone as the guardian of any minor children you might have. A properly prepared will can be the only estate plan you need, depending on your circumstances.

Contact an Estate Planning Attorney in Dublin, Ohio

Whether you are looking to make significant changes to your established estate plan or you want to get started on setting up your first one, be sure to contact the Obenour Legal Group. With the experienced needed, our estate attorney in Dublin, Ohio will be able to get started with you.

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