How To Seal a DUI Record Ohio?

How To Seal a DUI Record Ohio?

For drivers that have been arrested and/or been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of Ohio, often might have questions that tie to the possibility of getting a criminal DUI record sealed. Also known as having a DUI record expunged, there can be a number of reasons that you may want to have your DUI record sealed. These reasons are often tied to background checks and can include:

  • Applying for new jobs where potential employers will perform a background check
  • Potential landlords who you may look to rent from wants to run a background check
  • Applications for a bank loan
  • If a person with a DUI record is interested in volunteering with a non-profit organization that requires a background check

Expungement is a process that entails a court file that details a person’s criminal records, in this case, DUI records, being sealed. All of the public records and references to that person’s DUI records or convictions will be deleted. While completely sealing a criminal DUI record in Columbus, Ohio is currently not an option, working with a DUI record sealing attorney can be an important decision for you to make if you are seeking to have your record sealed apart from the DUI record itself.

Up until 2018, the state of Ohio did not allow for the But as of April 2021, the statutes related to record sealing were changed quite a bit. The process has become a bit more complex than before, but working with an experienced Ohio criminal DUI record attorney will help you navigate the entire process.

What is Sealing Criminal DUI Record in Ohio?

Under the previous law that was associated with sealing your record in Ohio, a person was usually only eligible to have their record sealed if that record contained one felony and one misdemeanor or if there were no more than two misdemeanors with no felony record.

With the changes to expungement statutes in the state of Ohio as previously mentioned, the eligibility requirements have been expanded a great deal. This now allows more people working with an Ohio criminal DUI record seal attorney and other cities and counties in the state to see about getting their bad record sealed.

So, what exactly does this new law mean for you as someone who is working with a DUI record sealing attorney?

The new law that started in April 2021 allows someone to be eligible to seal their record regardless of how many convictions that they may have. This makes sealing criminal DUI records in Ohio a more accessible option. As it stands, sealing

How Can a DUI Record Sealing Attorney Help You?

While the eligibility requirements have opened up much more, sealing criminal DUI records in Ohio is still not an option. There has been discussion as recently as 2019 of proposing adjustments to R.C. 2953.61 (the record sealing statute) which would allow for a partial sealing option with specific requirements needing to be met by anyone seeking that option.

While complete sealing criminal DUI record is not possible yet, working with a DUI attorney can be helpful in sealing a record that ties to other convictions that are eligible to be sealed. The overall process of sealing a record can require a good amount of research, applications, a court hearing, and more. Working with an Ohio criminal DUI record seal attorney can ensure that you are navigating Ohio expungement laws properly.

Get in Contact With an Ohio Criminal DUI Record Seal Attorney

If you have a DUI record that you would like to see about getting sealed, working with an experienced Ohio criminal DUI record seal attorney can be the next step as you seek gainful employment, certain licenses, or the restoration of specific rights and privileges.

We can see about sealing criminal DUI records in Columbus, Ohio with you. Contact us today at 614-205-2208 or online today to learn more about how we can help.

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