10 Laws of Psychological Power (Inspired by Robert Greene)

10 Laws of Psychological Power (Inspired by Robert Greene)


Dictionaries depict the word ‘power’ as a certain ability to influence or alter another being’s actions. Psychological science offers somewhat similar yet in-depth insight into the world.

As psychological science defines it, power is someone’s capacity to influence another person’s actions and mental state by providing or withholding resources. They can also administer punishment or provide help.

An individual enjoying power is good at getting things done through other people. Psychological power lets one use either influence or compulsion to make others do as they want.

Since human beings are empathetic creatures, influence works better than the compulsion to execute powerful action positively. This article contains ten laws of psychological power inspired by Robert Greene.

Laws Of Psychological Power

The laws of psychological power prove proficient if executed to influence the subordinates instead of compulsively forcing them to do what the authority/person in power wants. Influential nature as a form of power is great for building up leadership qualities.

Here are ten laws of psychological power inspired by Robert Greene.

Stand Above

While a good work ethic might get you appreciation sometimes, it is alone not enough to get in the position of power. Getting recognition requires more than regular hard work.

You need to stand alone, stand above, and stand out in the crowd of faces who only put in good work and fade away in the background. It would help if you grabbed all the opportunities to shine and show off your work and skills. Snatch out the chances to lead.

Hide Your Intents

You not only need to have power, but you also need to make sure that you control it and do not give it away by revealing your intentions. Was that clear? Allow me not to explain further.

Say you are buying a specific item, and a sales agent is showcasing it to you. Then, he will show you some alternatives in the process. Now, if you choose any variable right away, he will raise the price as you reveal your intentions and give the power over to him.

Let your intentions make the final decisions in your favor by restraining your intentions until it is the proper time to reveal them. You need to keep your true intentions to yourself if you want to be in power.

No Arguments Only Actions

Winning arguments should not be your focus as it only offers petty success that amounts to nothing before psychological power. Instead, let your behavior speak for you, and do not waste your time arguing with someone who only wants to feed their ego by winning arguments.

Your actions are much superior and concrete. So, focus on your activities.

Spend Words Wisely

If you want to add value to your speech, do not spend your words unnecessarily. One of the laws of psychological power requires you to speak only when there is a necessity. People tend to respect and listen to the individuals who choose their words wisely.

Speaking less makes one content and saves them from making clumsy mistakes.

Mindful words, spent only when necessary, make your opinions purposeful and valuable and give you psychological power.

Build Up Confidence

Your self-esteem is the key to you building up your confidence. But, of course, there will be obstacles in the way; there will be a failure, critics will be there to judge you by your failure, you may want to quit because the demotivation got the better of you.

At this moment, you should let the small achievements motivate you and build your self-esteem. Your work and the successive small achievements are enough to encourage you to build self-confidence to get through the more challenging stages.

Your self-confidence will provide the psychological power leading the way to success.

Hire Your Enemies

Friends are clumsy partners to accompany you on the path to success. You will get their faith, but they are not suitable for fast growth since they take everything easy. On the other hand, your enemies will have something to prove, and you will know their true intent.

Hiring your enemies will keep your work progress more energetic.

People Only Help Themselves

Never expect selflessness from anyone. The world runs on give and take policies. When you need favors, you should explain how helping you will help those you need a favor. Their profit in instant time and the long term will make them help you out.

They will help themselves by helping you in the process. So, Instead, let them believe that they are helping themselves.

Do Not Commit Whimsically

Avoid embarrassment by not committing to everything that people may want you to. Your consecutive promises give people an advantage to lock you in the box. Influential individuals avoid commitment. They are always committed to only one person, themselves.

Play Yourself Down

You know that you are smart. It is always not necessary to show that off. It’s better to play dumb sometimes. Let the others in the room play the know-it-all guy.

Let the others feel intelligent by feeding their confidence in their dumb ideas. Showing your intelligence will only create unnecessary opponents and enemies.

Support The Superiors

Supporting your superiors is a means to build the ladder of your success. Never take any actions to turn them against you. Instead, help them like corporate lawyers help keep a company’s transactions complied with corporate laws & regulations.

When necessary, you must support your boss willfully. They will help you pave the way to your ascension.


Psychological power is a great weapon, one that working professionals in the business sectors, law firms, and other professional platforms get the advantage of having.

The laws of psychological power in this article take inspiration from Robert Graeme. Let me know how these laws helped you.

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