How Does Unemployment Work in Ohio?

How Does Unemployment Work in Ohio?

For any Ohio resident that has recently lost their job, you might be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefits are essentially payments that provide short-term income for workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own. Typically, you will want to apply for unemployment benefits as soon as possible.

How Does Unemployment Work in Ohio?

To qualify for unemployment benefits in Ohio, you generally need to meet the following requirements:

  • Recently lost your job without cause
  • You worked for a company or business that paid into the Ohio state unemployment insurance program
  • You have worked at least half-time for the last 18 months

Alongside those requirements, you also need to submit an initial application for unemployment benefits through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). You can file online or over the phone.

There may be certain exemptions for specific cases.

From there, you will either be approved or denied unemployment benefits. Ohio law requires that individuals who file for unemployment benefits serve a waiting period after they have filed their initial application.

Should you receive your unemployment benefits, you can receive benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks. You will need to file a weekly claim for benefits while performing work-search activities as well.

The amount of money you are eligible to receive will vary based on your previous income and whether or not you have dependents.

What Does Continued Week Mean for Unemployment in Ohio?

In terms of unemployment in Ohio, the continued week or the “waiting week” is a waiting period that each individual must go through after their first initial application for unemployment benefits.

This continued week is “the first week claimed in the benefit year in which you [the individual] meets all eligibility requirements.”

As of December 18, 2021, there were 42,268 people who fell under the category of the waiting week in Ohio.

If you have questions related to the continued week or around your initial unemployment application, you can consult our employment benefits lawyer to discuss your eligibility, the process, and steps you can take.

What If I Am Denied Ohio Unemployment Eligibility?

The unemployment benefits process is not always the most simple. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have been denied benefits. This could be due to a number of reasons:

  • If you have voluntarily quit your job
  • If you are fired for misconduct or other offenses
  • If your employer steps in after the unemployment benefits application has been approved

If you have quit your job due to a just cause (meaning you had a very compelling job-related purpose to quit), you might be eligible for benefits still.

Should you be denied unemployment benefits after they have already been approved to you because of your employer’s involvement or your application was simply rejected, you do have 21 days in which to file an appeal. From there, the unemployment office will schedule an administrative hearing so that you will be able to present evidence to support your appeal.

If you have been denied benefits or are facing revocation of them, you can seek out advice or representation from an unemployment benefits lawyer. They can provide legal assistance throughout the entire process.

Connect With An Employment Lawyer at The Friedmann Firm

A number of the different unemployment appeals that The Friedmann Firm team deals with often involve individuals who have lost their jobs due to retaliation or some form of discrimination. Sometimes employers will report to the unemployment office that individual

If you think that you might qualify for unemployment benefits in Ohio or if you have questions related to Ohio unemployment eligibility for 2021, reach out to the employment lawyers here at The Friedmann Firm today. Or you can connect with us online to easily set up a free appointment for a consultation with our unemployment and wrongful termination attorneys.

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