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This write-up can help you as it compiles the four most common and essential questions on machine learning fundamentals. So let’s start right away.

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Top Machine Learning Questions For Assignments & Assessments

What are bias and variance in machine learning?

Ans.: The gap or difference between the correct and predicted values is known as bias. If the bias of the machine learning model is high, it suffers from inaccuracy. Variance is a value that indicates the differences in prediction among different training sets. High variance leads to high fluctuations in the output, and for a machine learning model, it should naturally be low.

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The diagram below showcases the effect of bias and variance on model outputs.

Model parameters are modified during training to keep bias and variance as minimal as possible.

What is Clustering?

Ans.: Clustering is an unsupervised learning technique wherein data points are grouped or clustered as per their features. The process allows the classification and categorizing of data points into specific groups. The points, clustered into specific groups, have similarities in their features and properties & are distinct from the ones in other clusters.

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What is linear regression in machine learning?

Ans.: Linear regression is the most well-known supervised learning technique in machine learning. It is exceedingly simple and uses a linear relationship between an explanatory and a response variable to forecast and predict behavior.

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The equation for linear regression is the equation of a straight line à y = a + bx

Where x is the independent or predictor variable, y is the predicted or dependent variable, and a & b define the slope & intercept of the line and are the model parameters.

Parameters vs. Hyperparameters: How Do They Differ?

Ans.: Hyperparameters are standard parameters that work under all circumstances. Unlike model parameters, these are essential features or external configuration variables whose values cannot be ascertained through training data.

Hyperparameters are employed to determine model parameters. Tuning a machine learning algorithm for a specific problem allows one to discover the best-fit model parameters necessary to make accurate predictions.

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