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Florida cities like West Palm Beach, Kendall, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Homestead, Sanford, Orange City, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, and Boca Raton all have personal protection guards available from Fast Guard Service. Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, and Washington are just a few of the U.S. cities where FGS offers services. The personal security guard service sector has expanded significantly over the past ten years, offering services for VIPs and celebrities as well as executives. This is partly because there are now significantly more high-risk contexts that expose VIPs, both in terms of quantity and intensity.

The personal security guard service sector is flourishing when these conditions are combined with the reality that many cities and municipalities are reducing their law enforcement staff. ASIS and the Institute of Finance Management actually projected the U.S. private security market to be a $100 billion market in a 2013 report that was published. By 2020, it’s anticipated to reach $200 billion.

The rise of people looking for expert security services has also resulted in an increase in businesses. However, many of them lack the education, experience, and information necessary to provide their clients with proper safety. Having a license alone is insufficient.

Another problem is that finding trustworthy businesses that provide a comprehensive range of protection services these days requires more work. However, the cost might still be fairly high even with basic protection. As a result, it is crucial for people looking for protective services to carefully consider their options and the credentials of potential companies. The level of protection you get could have a significant impact on both you and your loved ones.

Many times, unarmed security personnel are enough to provide VIPs with enough personal space and freedom of movement. But there are more and more circumstances where having armed guards is necessary. Domestic monitoring is also becoming a more important part of maintaining safety when not in the public eye. More than ever, individuals looking to cause harm target families.

How Soon You Can Benefit from Guard Service:

Our team of knowledgeable security professionals at Fast Guard has the training and expertise necessary to offer you the finest level of personal security. Typically, the backgrounds of our experts include the military and law enforcement. They are taught to approach threat neutralization and deterrence in a proactive manner.

Additionally, we collaborate closely with customers to ensure that possible risks are identified and mitigated before they even have a chance to develop into serious hazards.

Beyond these abilities, though, our security specialists are aware of the value of conflict resolution. They only consider using force when all other measures have failed. However, should that circumstance arise, our staff is prepared to use force in the most effective way possible to protect the safety of our clients. The staff of Fast Guard stands out from many others in the field due to their professionalism and capacity for composure under pressure.

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