How a Lawyer Can Help You After an Automotive Accident

How a Lawyer Can Help You After an Automotive Accident

After being involved in an accident caused by another driver, you are left to deal with both medical and financial consequences. Even if the other party’s insurance covers your damages, it is unlikely that all of them will be covered. This leaves you with a big problem because you now have to face the costs associated with fixing or replacing your car and cover any bills for injuries obtained during the accident. In this piece, you will learn how a lawyer can help you cover the costs associated with an automotive accident.

1. Discuss your options

After an accident, there are three options you can take: go through the other driver’s insurance, go through your insurance or file a lawsuit. The first option is not recommended because the other party’s coverage may be limited and will likely pay out less than what you’re entitled to. When this occurs, you could try filing with your insurance company; however, there are instances where they do not want to accept liability for the events leading up to the accident due to policy loopholes. A lawyer can help you fight back against these denials. In order to file a lawsuit, you would need to retain the services of an attorney because not doing so can jeopardize your case.

In the recent past, the thought of hiring a lawyer to help you after an accident was considered frivolous and unnecessary because most people assumed that filing with their insurance was enough. Today, however, the dynamics have changed. It is clear why so many people would rather hire a personal injury attorney than taking on the stress of dealing with insurance companies alone.

2. Discuss who was at fault

The final option is suing the other party in civil court. However, keep in mind that this decision should only be made after talking with a lawyer. A lawyer can help you determine who was at fault for the accident and how to go about finding proof of this. An attorney’s advice will also be beneficial in deciding whether an out-of-court settlement is possible or if it would be more advantageous to seek damages in court. The person responsible for causing your accident mustn’t get away with it.

Also, a lawyer can help you discuss what damages you may be able to claim. They will inform you of all the possible benefits and damages that can be claimed, including property damage, medical expenses, and lost income due to missing work. While some amount is always better than nothing, you deserve compensation for more than just property and medical costs; so do not settle for having your lawyer negotiate only these claims. You should also attempt to collect on amounts such as pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life. If the other party’s insurance denies these requests, a good lawyer can take care of appealing their decision or refiling your claim if necessary.

3. Discuss who will pay your legal fees

Lastly, remember that all lawyers are different, so it may take some searching before finding one that best fits your needs. Most truck accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning there are no upfront costs associated with hiring them. However, you should still inquire about hidden charges. If you are hesitant about spending money on legal services, then the consultation might not be right for you since most attorneys cannot represent you without meeting in person. On the other hand, if you feel confident about hiring a truck accident lawyer but are still unsure who to hire, this consultation is perfect because it will help you decide which direction you want to proceed with your case.

4. Sign a retainer agreement

After you have found an attorney to represent you, your next step is to sign a retainer agreement. This is done by having the lawyer prepare an initial contract that outlines their services and fees. Remember that there are no standard rates for personal injury lawyers, so it can be beneficial to shop around before deciding who will represent you. For example, some attorneys charge on a linear scale, meaning they take a percentage of what your settlement or final verdict is worth. In contrast, others use an incremental fee schedule, meaning they charge an hourly rate plus additional fees depending on the claim’s value. While this method may seem more expensive initially, it could save money in the long run because you would not be paying the full amount for your attorney’s time.

In conclusion

After an accident caused by another driver, a car accident lawyer can assist with all costs associated with fixing or replacing your car, as well as covering any medical bills for injuries obtained during the accident. To find out more about how a lawyer can help you file claims against the other party’s insurance company or sue them in court, call and schedule a free consultation with a licensed attorney today.

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