What Happens If You Break A Law, You Didn’t Know Existed

What Happens If You Break A Law, You Didn’t Know Existed

Can I be convicted if I did not know that I was committing a crime? What happens if you didn’t know something was illegal?

In legal terms, it has been made clear to all that no matter whether they knew it or not if they have been involved then they are certainly going to be punished, and whether at knowledge or not if the crime has been done then you are certainly going to be convicted and should be present as an accused at court.

In case you felt that there was something you didn’t know, you felt that you must be defended and you want to clear your case while driving under influence, then you can come in touch with Criminal Defense Attorneys Rock Hill, discuss your case and try to settle things in your favor claiming that you didn’t affect it on purpose.

Although, if you are found in more deep trouble, directly you were put into prison for some cause by others and you want to be defended as a person accused but not responsible for it, then you can consider Criminal defense attorney Rock hill, they would prepare your case and it would be settled to help you lead a better life once your name gets cleared from the court as a suspect in such crime.

Before you start to get worried about whether you would be punished for a certain crime that you didn’t know or you were found guilty of, there are few things to consider and they may include:

  • The way you were put into the legal subject of the case
  • Your defense and statement to the crime
  • How court may look into your case
  • Whether any criminal defense lawyer is ready to help you or not

And these are few things that do count on which basis you may be accused but can come out of such a crime which you didn’t know and can be supported through legal ways.

Conviction depends on evidence

The first thing that you need to be very clear in the statute of legal concerns is that conviction in court depends on certain evidence found and statements are not enough to prove it, there may b certain other aspects to it which are considered as evidence and if you are not found with that criminal evidence then case may be against you but it doesn’t mean that you should be legally punished for something you didn’t know but came in the pathway of it through certain community means and found to be responsible for it around.

Your presence proves suspect

However sometimes you are trapped in such case on basis of your presence in a certain place that did support such elements, and if you are found to be available there you may be argued with that on what basis you were present there, and if it goes against you then it can cause trouble for you even if you didn’t know why it was settled for and for what purpose you were asked to be in such place for such certain activity.

You would still be an accused

With all such evidence into concern, to find out whether you were present or not, and taking your statement to go for the legal process, it would still be on the statute for legal means that you are considered as suspect and you weren’t thought to be completely involved, but a suspect means a lot to your career, and you should consider your legal standards to help you get clear from some crime where you didn’t know but still found to be involved in legal terms.


This is how things can be considered especially in the case of Driving under the influence where legal tools can be implemented, if you feel that you weren’t involved and didn’t know a case could be made against you through such means and you want legal support, then better consider help from Fort Mill DUI Attorney, mention your situation while driving and they would try to prepare a case to support your position in court and get things settled in your favor.

However, if you have been found guilty, you are going to be in trouble for it while driving under influence and you want immediate legal support for something you didn’t know but still happened in form of an accident or injury, then you better consult from Criminal defense attorney Rock hill, mention your situation and let them prepare your case so you can get cleared as suspect and get settled against you to lead a better life after being cleared being an accused in such case at court.

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